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Younix Ski Trainer 2.0 ASK-2-F (Ski Erg)

Dhs. 5,964.00

All prices are inclusive of VAT

The Younix Ski Trainer AKS-2 (Ski Erg) comes with an easy-to-use console that is ready to use. By starting the ski movement, the console activates, it keeps track of time, distance, calories and strokes during ski training. During the training there are 8 display options: average speed per 500 meters, average number of meters per stroke, maximum heart rate, calories per hour, power curve, maximum wattage, wattage diagram and average wattage.
In addition, it is possible to follow preset programs from the main menu: quick start, races, interval / tabata, target time, target distance, target calories, target heart rate and target values. Select the correct program and parameters, press start and start skiing.

The Ski Trainer ASK-2 (Ski Erg) is delivered including:
  • Handles and handle straps
  • Plug-in power adapter
  • Console with 16 resistance levels to determine the intensity of the workout
  • Floorstand

The Younix Ski Trainer 2.0 (Ski Erg) can be used in two ways; as wall mounting or foot mounting. To use the Ski Trainer as wall mounting, a wall bracket, the ASK-1WM, must be purchased additionally. To use the ASK-2 as a standalone unit, foot mounted, a floorstand, the ASK-1FS, is required, which is available separately.

Basic Frame:
  • Frame weight of no less than 39kg
  • The cables can each be extended to approximately 290cm
  • Both cable pulleys can be rotated 90 degrees vertically

Console / programs:
  • LCD display shows time, distance, speed, calorie consumption, power, heart rate
  • 15 auto control programs
  • Pacer and interval programs
  • 4 heart rate programs
  • Watt control program
  • Fitness test program
  • Individual program
  • Built-in chest strap heart rate receiver


5 year warranty on the frame and 2 year warranty on non-wear parts