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Younix Performance Cable Rack

Dhs. 28,550.34

All prices are inclusive of VAT

**Barbell, bumper plates, benches and skid plates are not included and need to be purchased separately.

    Performance Cable Rack Specifications

    • Manufactured: Italy
    • Material: Italian Steel, machined aluminium pulleys + polyethylene sliding inserts
    • Finishing: Antimicrobial Matt wrinkle black powder-coated
    • Width: 124cm
    • Height: 241cm
    • Depth: 66cm
    • Tubing size: 80 x 80cm
    • Tubing Thickness: 3mm
    • Foot-print: 132x74cm
    • Pulling Ratio: 1:1 - Pull 10 Kg/ Lift 10 Kg
    • Net Pulling Weight: 60 Kg on each side
    • Positioning of the numbers: 35 laser-cut numbers for each upright
    • Pull-up bar diameter: 33mm
    • Product weight: 473kg
    • Rack load capacity: 1500kg
    • Bar hook set: Sandwich hook set with polyethylene insert
    • Set includes: 1x rack, 2x cable system, multi-grip pullup
      bar, storage pins, 8.8 certified bolts 24mm, nuts & washers.
    • Frame warranty: Lifetime against bending or cracking of the steel frame.
    • General warranty: 3 years on the spring pin, plates, rods, bushings and bearings. Plastics and internal pads are consumable parts subject to wear and guaranteed for 2 years against manufacturing defects.
    • Warning: For the safety of the equipment and the athletes using it, the entire system must be bolted securely to the floor.