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Younix Lat Bar & Knee

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Dhs. 2,112.00

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  • Add a Lat Machine to your Cable machines

  • Transform your Cable Rack or Cable Tower into a Lat Machine device

What makes the Lat Bar & Knee Attachment your best choice ?

Keyless attachment :

The kit comes with our special hand-screwed bolts where no key is required. The u-shaped flange of the knee attachment, internally covered by plastics inserts, can be attached to the upright and secure it by a simple hand twist. Choose the ideal height by entering it into any hole of the upright.

Seat :

You can use any kind of bench as a perfect seat for your new Lat Machine set up. Slide the bench into a flat position under the knee attachment, sit down and choose the ideal height of the attachment by choosing the right distance.

Durability & Quality :

The Lat Bar & Knee is designed and manufactured in Italy. Made with the highest quality Italian components and hardware to ensure the most increased durability on the market. Each part is laser cut, powder-coated painted, premium upholstery, checked, inspected and pre-mounted one by one before shipping out. Easy and fast to mount once it comes to your gym.

Compatibility :

Compatible with any Younix Cable system, this new kit can be fast mounted on the front uprights of our Cable Tower, T-Rack, and Cable Rack. If you have already purchased one of our Machines, just order this small kit and prepare yourself to change your back forever.

Lat Bar & Knee Attachment Specifications

  • Designed and Manufactured: Italy
  • Frame Material: Italian Steel, 
  • Metal Finish knee attachment: Antimicrobial matt wrinkle black powder-coated
  • Pad material: polyurethane cylinders covered by antimicrobial leather
  • Set includes: 1x knee attachment, 1x safety bolt, 1x Lat Bar
  • Hardware: 8.8 certified bolts, nuts & washers
  • Knee attachment Height: 22 cm
  • Knee attachment Width: 63 cm
  • Knee attachment Depth: 52 cm
  • Weight: 13.60 Kg 
  • Bar Details: check the stainless steel Lat Bar
  • Where can I mount it: on every single adjustable pulley, Cable Rack, T-Rack
  • Frame warranty: Lifetime against bending or cracking of the steel frame
  • General Warranty: 5 years warranty on the pads, lifetime warranty on the Lat Bar. The warranty does not cover normal wear and tear.
  • Warning: For the safety of the equipment and the athletes using it, the Cable Tower must be bolted securely to the floor.
  • Attention: The Rack is NOT included.