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XLR8 Slam Ball

Dhs. 120.00

All prices are inclusive of VAT


Best-selling new generation medicine balls.

  • Super durable rubber ball filled with iron sand. Great for all round medicine ball training as they are a dead weight.
  • Non slip soft rubber surface makes for safe, comfortable and easy grip.
  • Weather proof. Take outdoors and on any surface.
  • Design allows for heavier weight options up to 20kg.
  • 3-9kg: 22cm (9 inch) diameter is a comfortable size for anyone to hold.
  • 3-9kg are identical in size which allows for gradual overload progression without affecting grip and exercise technique.
  • 12-30kg: 27cm (11 inch) diameter.
  • Due to high volume and intensity of use these balls are not guaranteed for hard slamming in commercial gyms.