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TRX RIP Training Resistance Cord

Dhs. 95.00

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Hooks up to our TRX Rip Trainer to offer the right resistance level for you. Going light and fast? Choose the lighter weight. Ramping up power? Go controlled and heavy. Challenge your balance, stability, and strength, all at your own pace. Available in Light-XX-Heavy.

  • The Lite Resistance Cord provides ideal resistance for those new to Rip Training, seniors or young developing athletes. It provides 15 lbs of resistance and is recommended for individuals between 80 and 110 lbs.
  • The Medium Resistance Cord offers 20 lbs of resistance and provides the optimal amount difficulty for almost all fitness levels. As the cord that comes standard with the Rip Trainer, it provides a great baseline for anyone getting into TRX Rip Training.
  • The Heavy Resistance Cord dials up your Rip Trainer workout by providing 25 lbs of resistance. It is recommended for seasoned athletes looking to add more difficulty and intensity to their routine. It should be used by athletes weighing more than 150 pounds.
  • The X-Heavy Resistance Cord packs 38 lbs of resistance and delivers an intense total-body challenge. It is recommended for fit, athletic individuals who have a stable core and weigh over 165 lbs.
  • The XX-Heavy Resistance Cord delivers a core-shredding 50 lbs. of resistance. It is recommended for very fit, athletic individuals who have a stable core and weigh over 210 lbs.