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Stick Mobility Sticks

Dhs. 173.00

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Stick Mobility is a training and education system designed to help people move better by optimizing their mobility, stability, and strength.

The system utilizes the Mobility Stick to improve range of motion, muscle activation, coordination, and body awareness to build a strong foundation for enhanced movement.

We describe the Mobility Stick as a simple tool used to create tension, leverage, stability, and body awareness. It provides kinesthetic and visual feedback to users and coaches.

The Mobility Stick is made with a custom blend of materials designed to achieve the balance of flexibility, strength, and grip needed for the full range of Stick Mobility exercises.

What stick is best for me?

We recommend purchasing a bundle of 3 sticks in order to utilize the full range of exercises in the training system and videos. You will get the most out of your training sessions with two long sticks and one short.

We have created two specific bundles to fit different height customers:

If you are under 5’10″ tall the ‘6ft + 6ft + 4ft Bundle‘ will fit you best.

If you are 5’10″ and taller the ‘7ft + 7ft + 5ft Bundle‘ will fit you best.

If you’d like to purchase just one stick to start we recommend the 6ft Mobility Stick if you are under 5’10″ tall, and the 7ft stick if you are 5’10” and taller.

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