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Solaray Kids Vitamins & Minerals Chewables

Dhs. 59.00

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Overview :

  • Children's dietary supplement
  • Great tasting chewables with natural black cherry flavor
  • Vitamins and Minerals providing nutritional support for growth

Description :

Solaray Kids Vitamins & Minerals Chewables is a daily multi-vitamin and mineral provides foundational nutritional support to cover any gaps in your child's diet. Made from quality ingredients, Solaray Children's Vitamins and Minerals provides significant amounts of the essential nutrients they need. In addition to a healthy diet, our powerful multi is intended to help support your child's immune system, growth, energy, bones, teeth, muscle function, and much more. But a good multi isn't just about what's in it, it's about what's not in it as well. Solaray Children's Vitamins and Minerals contains no artificial flavors, or colors, and is formulated without yeast. And with a delicious natural black cherry flavor, our convenient, easy-to-take chewables are designed to make your child's supplementation more of a treat than a chore!

Benefits :

  • Supports Immunity, Strong Bones and Teeth
  • For Overall Growth and development of children

How to use :

  • Take two chewables daily