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RumbleRoller Beastie Massage Bar & Stand - Xtra Firm

Dhs. 310.00

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The Beastie Bar contains two Beasties permanently mounted, but free to rotate, on a rigid fiberglass shaft. Both the Beastie and Beastie Bar have the same effect on muscle. Choose the Beastie for ultimate portability and to work into the smallest areas of your body. Choose the Beastie Bar if you prefer its 2-hand control.


Detachable stands that securely hold the Beastie Bar in place. Elevate the Beastie Bar 1/2" above the surface making the Beatie Bar the only stick-type massager than can be used totally hands-free.


When a dense knot of muscle is unresponsive to foam rolling, try a Beastie. Nothing works better for really deep, focused massage. Use with detatchable base for even greater control.


Versatile, easy-to-use bar for hand-held or hands-free deep tissue massage allows you to apply pressure where and how you need it.


The ultimate massage bar in an easy-carry Format. Perfect to Use on the road or in the gym.