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Reeva Buffalo Leather Lifting Belt with Stainless Steel Buckle (10MM)

Dhs. 540.00

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Developed for athletes who take their strength training seriously. Constructed entirely from genuine buffalo leather, the Buffalo Leather Lifting Belt boasts superior strength and durability compared to cheaper models on the market. 

Reinforced with stainless steel, the upgraded buckle is designed to withstand the most intense lifts while holding up against wear and tear. It's corrosion proof, will not start to rust, and comes with a 3-year manufacturing warranty.

Features :

• Made from the highest quality buffalo leather
• Indestructible stainless steel buckle
• Thickness 10mm, width 10cm
• Special 2-tone printed logo
• Excellent durability
• Suitable for men and women

Intended Use :

Our heavy-duty weightlifting belt will maintain its position, provide support, and improve your lifting ability without issues. Use this weightlifting belt for powerlifting, bodybuilding, and weightlifting. It’s sure to make a difference in your heaviest back and leg day workouts.

Quality :

Don't waste your money and time with cheap lever belts and lever attachments that break apart or slip off. What separates a cheap belt from our belt is that we’ve combined leather, reinforced stitching, and an easy-to-use buckle to bring you sturdy support. Being able to adjust the tightness level for better breathing control makes all the difference.