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Hyperwear SandRope Battle Rope 15 Lbs

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The SandRope is a 10-foot long, 3" diameter neoprene tube filled with either 15 lbs or 30 lbs of sand. An anchor and collar are included (at no additional charge) so it can be used anchored like a traditional battle rope or free standing.

The patent pending design of the SandRope makes it as tough as a traditional battling ropes, but without the shedding fibers. The 10ft SandRopes (30 lbs) are also as heavy as a 1.5" diameter 50ft battle rope.

A huge advantage of the SandRope versus traditional battle ropes or heavy ropes is the limited space it takes up in your gym or home. Also, the SandRope can be used both anchored or not which provides for a larger variety of exercises.

Anchored, the SandRope is great for all types of traditional battling rope wave exercises. Unanchored it can be used for countless other movements such as slams, carries, pull-ups, dips and much more.

The SandRope engages the body as a whole, providing high intensity training for the total body and core as well as cardio endurance all-in-one, for faster results in less time. Its versatility makes it ideal for all types of training from general strength and conditioning to endurance based circuit as well as sports performance.

Working out with a SandBell not only hits the targeted muscles groups but also challenges grip strength by engaging the hand wrist and forearm with every move. The dynamic shift and instability of the moving sand inside the SandBell also provides a unique training effect.

Made from soft yet exceptionally durable neoprene, the SandRope is tough enough to withstand any punishment you can throw at it. It can be used for both indoor and outdoor training for everything from HIIT, MetCon, boot camps and small group training.


  • 15 lbs or 30 lbs (filled)
  • 10 ft long
  • 3" diameter


    To properly anchor your SandRope, loop one end of the nylon webbing around or through a secure anchor point or object. Thread the other end of the nylon webbing through this loop and pull tight. Attach the loose end of the nylon to the carabineer, which is attached to the end of the SandRope.


    The Collar Accessory is designed to trap sand at one end of the SandRope making a handle. During anchored exercises, sand will shift away from you towards the other end. Wrap around the collar around the SandRope approx. 1 1/2 feet from one end to trap sand for a good consistent grip. We recommend regularly switching direction to re-distribute sand evenly