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Dhs. 132.00

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Design & Shape

The Italian design gives the Heavy Duty Bumpers a special feel. For manufacture, we use a unique, recycled crumb rubber. Each bumper is 450 mm in diameter with a 50 mm insert opening; just like nearly all other Olympic bumpers. The insert itself is stainless steel, which is both durable and resistant to oxidation.


They are made of indestructible recycled and vulcanized rubber to absorb shock much better than any other bumpers on the market. They offer excellent protection of the surface, avoiding damage to the floor because they have a more significant rebound. The high shock absorption also extends the life of the barbell itself. The heavy-duty bumpers were designed to last for a long time and endure the everyday abuse. 

Less Sound & Vibration 

Noise and vibration caused by dropping the weights is significant to many gym owners and home gym lifters. These bumpers, manufactured with that vital feature in mind, make a lot less noise. If you don’t want to bother your neighbour when you’re training or you don’t like the noise, these bumpers are for you.

Indoor & Outdoor

These bumpers are your best option for outdoor lifting. The resiliency, along with the softness of the material makes them very forgiving on uneven and abrasive surfaces. They can absorb the impact of drops on macadam or asphalt because they compress more swiftly than the premium bumpers.