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Track Your Progress Daily And ReachYour Fitness Goals Faster. .

Keeping healthy and maintaining a good weight should not be complicated, and this is why you need a simple, seamless, but modern digital scale. Just step on it and get ready for the results. Your weight will be displayed on a large LED display with a blue backlight, so it’s easy to see on any kind of lighting.

Muscle: The estimated weight of lean muscle mass including skeletal muscles, tissues, organs, and water.

Fat: Body fat % is the proportion of fat total body weight.  Too much Bodyfat can damage long term health.

Water: fluid in the body helps regulate temperature and eliminate waste,  healthy range: male 50-60%, female 45-60%.

Bones: bone mass = body weight ( muscle mass - body fat.  normal range for women = 2.5 - 4% and men= 3 - 5%

BMI: Body mass index (BMI) Is calculated by your weight and height,