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Younix One Side Open Trap Bar

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Train Safer & Expand Your Exercise Arsenal With An Open-ended Design

An open-ended design on one side allows the lifter to not only enter and exit the bar with more ease, but also allows a greater range of motion and a wider variety of exercises.

A strong open-side frame construction made of matt black powder coated steel with two neutral grip handles giving the options of pulling from different heights. Both sets of knurled, parallel handles measure 30mm in diameter and are spaced 63,5 cm on center.

Why the open side?

It will maximize the number of things you can do with one bar. Perform deadlifts, trap shrugs, lunges, overhead presses, stationary box lunges, single leg squats, plyo step ups, yolk carries, Zercher carries, Zercher squats, Zercher deadlifts, Farmers Walk carries and many more “outside the box” exercises.

Less stress on the spine

The trap bar configuration allows you to step inside it. This shortens the horizontal axis and significantly reduces the amount of force on the spine. You will reduce the risk of back injury and boost your clients results.

More power

Not only are the movements performed with the trap bar more safer than compared to the straight bar, they are more effective for developing maximum power. Since power is a measure of an object’s force times its velocity, this means that the movements performed with trap bar will allow you to lift more weight, over a greater distance much faster.



One of the easiest ways to save money is to buy equipment that lasts. The next best thing is to buy equipment with a lifetime warranty. Our trap bar has a lifetime warranty on the frame. Wear and tear is not included in the LT formula.