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Stick Mobility L1 Certification Course

Dhs. 1,848.00

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Course: Stick Mobility L1 Certification

Location: MEFITPRO, Fitness Institute, Dubai

Course Tutor: Stick Mobility Co-Founder Dennis Dunphy

Anyone whose job it is to improve people’s quality of life, overall fitness, and athleticism will benefit from taking this course. Our system is designed to be used as a companion to any training modality, or as a standalone program.

In this course, you will learn:

  • Learn a simple way to increase mobility and body awareness.
  • Be able to work with a wide variety of clientele, from post rehab to professional athletes. 
  • Acquire the knowledge to IMPROVE movement patterns, movement quality, and brain health.
  • INCREASE comprehensive strength and full body coordination. 
  • Make mobility training less complicated and more accessible to anyone in a SAFE, EFFECTIVE, and PRACTICAL way.

The Level-1 Certification will revolutionize the way you train personally and with your clients. This system will enable you to take your client’s movement quality and fitness to the next level. We will show you simple and effective ways to enhance mobility, body awareness, coordination, and strength with the combination of leverage, irradiation, articulation, and isometrics that will unlock the inhibited movements that prevent optimal function and health. 

The Level-1 Certification is a two-day course that is majority hands on. You will learn the fundamental principles and movements that will give you a great foundation on which to build upon. This class can be physically and neurologically demanding for participants. Be prepared, as the class will be about 20% lecture and 80% hands on. For physical preparation, we recommend getting a stick and our Fundamentals video. This is a recommendation, not a requirement.

Course Delivery:

Intensive 2 days (8 – hour) face to face workshop, 80% practical and 20% theory with short breaks in between.

Learning Materials:

Printed Stick Mobility Training Manual.

Assessment Method(s):

26 question Theory exam (Fill in the blanks), 80% pass mark