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Squat Racks

Dhs. 2,048.00

All prices are inclusive of VAT


The Squat racks are designed for athletes and serious gym goers.

Designed for HEAVY lifting, this is ideal for power lifters, crossfit gym’s, high performance gyms and even home gyms.

Every weight lifting rack holds aesthetic features and can be adjusted with the needs of the customer.

Whether you are looking for a low or high foot print rack, we have the availability of all kinds of weight lifting racks in our store. Other than this, the non-flat foot and flat foot design induced in the racks have the intention to keep it stable.

To ensure bolt down assurance, the racks are infused with bolt down gusset plates if required.

Each rack can hold up to 450kgs.


A quick look at the features –

  • H*W*D – 72*48*48
  • The finish is black powder coating
  • Weight is 136lbs
  • Footprint is 48*48