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Rehab Trainer Courses

Dhs. 2,430.00

5-7th September | REHAB Essentials | This course is the foundational accreditation for learning R+E+H+A+B and working as an effective Rehab Trainer, teaching you the knowledge, skills and giving you the equipment, 
to unofficially join the ‘rehab team’. Rehab Trainer is leading a fresh stream of education for the fitness industry: to create a new breed of Fitness Professional who is able to more effectively assess, rehabilitate and prevent low risk injuries from developing during their training of clients.

What you will learn

  • exactly what to do when a client mentions their acute or chronic pain or injury in their spine, lower or upper body
  • the unique R+E+H+A+B protocol, which allows you to blend your new knowledge and skills into your existing training sessions with clients
  • how to screen a client’s injury to assess its “risk profile”
  • to understand the biomechanics of the body better than most of your PT peers
  • new stretching, trigger point, and myofascial loosening techniques
  • the secret of developing rehab drills with the existing equipment in your gym; the right way to activate dormant stability muscles to promote safer training and rehab injuries
  • how to work with health professionals to fix injuries faster and develop a referral base, and
  • how to effectively use your new Rehab Toolbox, including Posture-pros, Rehab Dowel, Activation Tubing, Risk Assessment Cards, and Rehab Records.


Course Delivery:  3 days, 8 hours / day face to face workshop with short breaks in between.

Cost: AED 3240 + VAT

CPD Points: 16 REPS UAE

Location: Dubai, UAE



9-10th September | REHAB Masterclass | Highly motivated Rehab Trainers are invited to take a 2-day intensive Masterclass that will broaden and deepen their knowledge and skills. All that you learned in Rehab Trainer Essentials will be cemented in as we take everything to the next level and register you on the Rehab Trainer website as a go-to Master Rehab Trainer. Master the use of Taping, Pressure Biofeedback Unit and Movement Deficit Assessments for the highly effective management of your clients injuries. IMPORTANT: Attendees must have done the REHAB Trainer Essentials Course

What you will get

  • 2 highly practical days of education by elite Sports Physiotherapists.
  • 2-3 various forms of tape, a high-quality Pressure Biofeedback Unit, big manual with all techniques included, colour certificate, and your name and picture registered with all our Master Rehab Trainers on our website.
  • Some of the most effective and practical educational material available worldwide for Exercise Professionals wanting to do corrective exercise in a gym context.
  • Cutting-edge skills for mastery of injury prevention and rehab.


Course Delivery:  2 days, 8 hours / day face to face workshop with short breaks in between.

Cost: AED 2430 + VAT

CPD Points: 16 REPS UAE

Location: MEFITPRO Training Institute