Innermost The Lean One

Dhs. 235.00

LEAN. Adjective. Efficient and healthy function.

Whey protein powder for effective weight-loss. A slick blend of 7 ingredients formulated to encourage healthy fat-loss and support lean muscle development.


Per Serving:

Protein (Whey Concentrate + Isolate): Repair, recovery and lean muscle development.

Inulin (1g): Prebiotic to encourage the growth of good gut bacteria, linked to lower levels of fat.

Acetyl L-Carnitine (750mg): Non-stimulant fat-loss supplement that helps the body burn fat for energy.

Pomegranates (500mg): Increases quantities of good gut bacteria that are linked to lower levels of fat.

Yerba Mate (500mg): South American “Drink of the Gods”. Boosts metabolism and delays fat absorption.

Bilberries (250mg): Rich in antioxidants and resveratrol to aid cardiovascular health and reduce inflammation.

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