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Curated health & fitness equipment, nutrition & innovation. *Money Back Guarantee.
Curated health & fitness equipment, nutrition & innovation. *Money Back Guarantee.

Business Builder Seminar with Brian Keane

Dhs. 1,150.00

Date: 17th November

Course: Full Day Business Builder Seminar

Location: MEFITPRO, Fitness Institute, Dubai

Course Tutor: Brian Keane

I’m keeping this group quite small (25 people maximum) because I will be using your business (or future business if you’re just starting off) as examples throughout the day. 

Although I will be using personal training and fitness as the main examples throughout the day (my own business model over the years), I will be tailoring the content based of your specific business. For example, previous seminars have had everyone from yoga instructors and sports psychologists to personal trainers and fitness class professionals.
If you sign up, you will receive a questionnaire before the event. Here I will be using your answers (anonymously) to create the content and specific examples for the seminar. However below are some of things we will definitely be covering on the day. 

  • Lead Generation: How to generate more leads and finding your perfect customer  
  • Social Media: How to leverage social media to build your business. This includes strategies and tactics to build your brand through Facebook ads, Instagram Stories/Influencers or podcasts 
  • Pricing: how to design a pricing strategy that maximises your revenue and service quality 
  • Strategy: Here we will focus on reverse engineering (working backwards) from your end goal and designing the perfect workday that best supports that vision.  
  • Creating Online Programs: Moving your business online or creating an online service as additional revenue stream.
  • Time Management: How to manage your time by batching jobs, doing deep work and separating creative vs. reactive tasks to become more productive i.e. being productive vs. being busy  

Who this seminar is for: 

  • Newly qualified fitness professional or personal trainers (or soon to be qualified trainers).
  • Personal trainers or fitness professionals and are looking to grow or build their business’
  • Personal trainers or fitness professionals looking to move part or all of their business online.

Who this seminar is NOT for

  • Anyone working outside of the fitness or health industry. 
  • Aspiring personal trainers who haven’t started any their certification process yet. 

Course Delivery:

Intensive 1-day (8 – hour) face to face workshop.